What are the Best VOIP Phone Options for Solopreneurs?

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Olivia Maier

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Being a solopreneur comes with its share of unique benefits and challenges. You’re in total control of your business,and have been since you first had the idea for it. That control should be empowering, and I’m sure it often is. But, sometimes that can lead to a lack of delegating as reported by Forbes.

You might be wondering, as a solopreneur, who are you supposed to be delegating to? One answer is to look for freelancers who can help on a project by project basis. This can help relieve you of some of the tasks that take up too much of your time. Another answer is to look to technology to find your solution.

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Delegating tasks with technology

Having smart automations set up within your business tools can help you essentially delegate certain tasks to your technology. This will look different for every business, but finding ways to automate small tasks can add up to making a big difference for you. For example, you can streamline your accounting tasks by finding a tool to automate expense tracking. With that task taken care of in the background by your accounting software, you will have more time to focus on the tasks that are important to you.

Using Yodel to Delegate Phone Communication

Delegating your phone communication can take place with your VoIP system, especially if you take advantage of Yodel. Through Yodel’s smart automation features, you can find the best VoIP phone option for you and your business as a solopreneur.

Virtual receptionist features

With Yodel, you’re able to access features that enable a virtual receptionist. Yodel will answer all incoming calls for you, and greet callers with a customizable welcome message. From there, Yodel will find out the reason for the call, and inform you in real time. You’re able to delegate the role of receptionist to your phone system through Yodel’s intelligent features.

In the end…

When you’re looking for the best VoIP phone option as a solopreneur, you want to make sure that your phone system gives you more than just a channel of communication. Look for a phone system that helps you address one of the most common challenges solopreneurs face, and equip your business with an intelligent phone system.

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