What are the Benefits of Unified Communications?

Having unified communications refers to having multiple communication channels integrated with each other. Consolidating your business communication can help improve business efficiency, prevent information silos, and may even reduce your communication related expenses.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

If you’re still not convinced, we wanted to share some important UC statistics with you.

Consider the following when deciding if your business should take advantage of UC:

  1. Unified communications can lead to heightened productivity, with 75% of users reporting higher productivity levels.

    According to IDG

  2. 67% of companies were able to increase mobile worker productivity by implementing unified communications.

    Reported by Inc. Magazine

  3. 50% of employee turnover is reduced when there is an effective communication system in place.

    According to Clear Company

  4. 86% of business owners see workplace issues to be a direct result of not having adequate communication tools.

    Reported by Salesforce

  5. 97% of employees reported that UC tools saw improved collaboration because of the tool.

    According to IDG

If you are considering adopting Unified Communications, you should consider using Yodel.

You can easily connect your internal messaging, phone system, and business text messaging to create a more connected communication solution.

For example, if your team lives in Slack for your internal communication, you should be able to connect your external communication tools to this platform. With Yodel, it is simple to unify your communications within the platform you already love. Yodel calls will appear in a designated Slack Channel, which you can conveniently access as a call log. Calls can be routed to other Slack Channels you may already be using, such as “Sales” for calls relevant to your sales team. Text messages can be easily sent from your business phone number through Slack as well. This allows your entire team to be on the same page when it comes to both internal and external communications.

There are many other ways to unify communications with Yodel. Take advantage of the right integrations and platforms for your team, and connect your business phone system today.

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In the end…

Unified communications should be a priority for businesses, as there are many statistics that directly support the implementation of UC. If you are looking to adopt UC, then look to Yodel as your intelligent business phone solution.

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