What are the benefits of phone answering services?

Nina Hoedlmayr

Nina Hoedlmayr

3 min read

Small businesses use answering solutions (such as IVR) to free their employees from the burden of not answering their phones. By setting up an answering machine, you can essentially free yourself and others to do more for-profit tasks, than just standing on the phone.

More importantly, you can focus on other important business parameters and not lose potential customers. It is an important part of the outsourcing industry for business processes and a valuable tool for small businesses. Business Phone Benefits

Business benefits when choosing a reliable phone system

Let’s look at some of the benefits of answering machines and what to look for to choose the voice service that best suits your business needs.

Customer Care

One of the many ways a small business can benefit from services is through customer service. Answering machines can help to achieve a new level of professionalism that affects (hopefully in a positive way) callers. And if customer service is accompanied by employee awards recognition, then the value and result of the service will have a higher quality.

Team Productivity

The second advantage of answering software is overflow support, which answers your calls in less than three bells, and the automatic call distribution ensures you get the right type of calls for the right agent. In addition to the 24-hour availability to answer calls, modern IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) is also able to arrange appointments with customers.

Flexibility and Broad Coverage

Another great feature you get from a virtual phone system is the ability to make calls from your smartphone, so it looks like you’re actually talking from your office location. And let’s not forget to mention the opportunity of extending your business internationally by getting a local phone number.


Partnering with a phone solution is beneficial for your business and will not let customers slip through. When your office is closed, you can use a live answering tool to answer calls. By using a robust phone system that handles call routing, your employees can choose which calls they do not want to answer. Thus, you save more time on the tasks that really matter.

To sum it up

Cloud business phones allow you to choose from a range of features so that you get a good idea of which service is the right one for your company. Many providers also offer free-trial programs and thus, you can test how effective it is for your business.

If you use a live answering software, you save on the cost of a traditional receptionist who is not available 24-hours a day. Receiving and routing phone calls takes, of course, a huge amount of time, but most phone systems nowadays can offer these features and much more. An answering machine can do a lot of work without having to be interrupted by regular calls and appointments. IVR

Our Free-Trial

If you already decided to give virtual phone systems a go, Yodel offers a 14-day free trial. Simply sign up online and your new Yodel account will be ready for use in just a few minutes. Yodel allows you to make and receive calls, send business SMS, call monitoring, voicemail transcription, and many more amazing features.

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