What are the Basics of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)?

Learn the essentials of UCaaS
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

UCaaS may seem like a complicated concept, but in reality it is a great way your business can streamline your business processes. Unified communication is a business concept that describes integrated and connecting all of your business communication tools. Having them accessible in a more centralized manner allows for information to flow freely between business tools, helping to prevent information silos. Unified communications can additionally improve productivity and communication effectiveness as your team members are easily able to take advantage of all the tools available.

UCaaS is simply a service that helps provide unified communications, typically by taking advantage of cloud technology.

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Unified communications will typically combine the following communication channels in an easy to use and centralized manner:

  • Voice calling
  • Business messaging
  • File sharing
  • Video conferencing

UCaaS has a couple different options that your business could consider, such as a fully cloud based solution or a hybrid strategy.

When looking to unify your communications, you may want to consider alternatives to a UCaaS product. When you take advantage of traditional UCaaS providers, you may end up overhauling all of your business communication tools. This may be an expensive and challenging task for your business to take on. You may be able to achieve more unified communications with the tools you are already using.

For example, if you are using Yodel you are already able to combine your business text messaging with your voice communication. To further unify your communications, you can take advantage of smart integrations to combine Yodel with file sharing or video conferencing platforms.

In the end…

Taking advantage of unified communications can be done in a couple different ways. When you use UCaaS, you will likely receive a comprehensive solution, combining all channels of communication. This may result in you switching from the tools that you are already using. If UC is important to you, but you’d like to keep using the tools you already have access to, look for smart integrations to facilitate unified communications.

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