What Are the Advantages of an Internet Phone Number?

Learn why businesses are ditching analog systems in order to take advantage of a VoIP system.
Clarisa Abalasei

Clarisa Abalasei

3 min read

If you’ve found yourself curious about the world of VoIP you might be wondering why it is becoming the popular business phone choice. There are many benefits that lead businesses to ditch their traditional phone systems to adopt a VoIP system. We wanted to highlight a few, so that you can better understand the advantages of a virtual phone system.

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The advantages of virtual phone numbers

Cost-effective pricing plans

VoIP service is cheaper than what you would pay for a landline, and you can rely on being able to make and receive calls 24/7. It is also easier to maintain such phone numbers since the VoIP technology offers you flexibility, availability on multiple devices, and high coverage. Virtual phone numbers are assigned per business account and not to the location, thus the number can be taken anywhere and retrieved from any internet-connected device.

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Call Quality

Since virtual numbers are purely Internet-based, the quality of conversation is as strong as the Internet connection you have. This leads many businesses to noting that they have seen improved call quality, and a greater control over call quality when compared to traditional telephone lines. Plus, this type of VoIP technology is available on many different devices, such as mobile smartphones, laptops, desk computers, and tablets.


If you have connected a current business phone number to your landline, office phone, or mobile phone, you can port this number to a virtual telephone system provider and convert it. This can be done with any type of phone numbers, such as landline, office, mobile, toll-free, or other VoIP number providers.

This portability of numbers means that the number does not have to be changed if the company chooses a VoIP service. If you want to change your phone numbers, you do not have to be responsible for it or for having to bear the effort of moving a landline number to a new address. Virtual phone numbers work regardless of your location, and there is no need for a physical number in your home, office, or any other place of business.


With a virtual phone number, you can access your phone from anywhere, anytime, while maintaining your privacy. With a conventional telephone line, the selection of the area code is limited to the exact location where you set up the telephone lines. With a traditional phone, you can contact toll-free numbers with different dialing codes such as 800 or 888 without having to worry about the associated tariffs. But, you can also get a toll-free number with the help of your virtual phone provider, instead of using the traditional landline.


You might ask yourself “If someone else tries to call me, how long does it take for the call to be redirected from your virtual phone number to my device?”. Well, we can definitely tell you it’s instant! The advantage of virtual phones is that the call is placed via the internet, therefore making an almost instant connection between the number and your device. This also makes virtual phones have very high coverage, even for international calling.

In the end

Choosing to move from the traditional landline provider to VoIP technology is a wise move for businesses that deal with modern problems.

Yodel’s virtual phone system additionally offers more features for companies than conventional phones do, at a much affordable price, such as international coverage, multiple devices, intelligent call routing, IVR, and Speech Recognition and Synthesis. Yodel is an easy to set up, and easy to use system that your team will love taking advantage of. You will be able to see the benefits of a virtual phone number, as well as specific Yodel benefits that thousands of companies love.

In short, we would suggest you giving virtual phone numbers a try. After all, most VoIP providers offer free trials or demos ;).

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