What Are The Advantages Of A Toll-Free Number?

And how can your business access a toll-free number today?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

A toll-free number is an integral part of many businesses and their phone communication strategy. Toll-free numbers have become more and more common and some customers expect every business to have one.

A toll-free number allows new and existing customers to get directly to your business without having to pay anything, making businesses who use them highly accessible.

What are Toll-Free Numbers?

A toll-free number is specially designed with a three-digit area code. Toll-free numbers are virtual telephone numbers that are available in a preset format with easy to recognize codes such as 1-800, 1-888, and so on. The main benefit of a toll-free number for your callers is the fact that they won’t be charged for the call. This eliminates a potential barrier to phone communication.

Toll-free numbers can also be vanity numbers because they are easy to obtain and are highly memorable.

Advantages of buying a toll-free number

One of the advantages of toll-free numbers and services in your business is that it is much easier to remember than any other number, especially if it is a vanity number! Vanity toll-free numbers can be identified by having keywords, instead of a string of numbers (such as 1-800-PETSHOP). These numbers are easy to remember, especially when used in marketing and advertising material.

Vanity numbers aren’t necessary to see the advertising benefits of toll-free numbers. Studies have shown that ads that use toll-free numbers receive twice as many clicks as ads that do not use such phone numbers as contact information.

Taking advantage of toll-free numbers makes it easier for your callers to remember you, improving customer service and satisfaction by being available for calls. A toll-free number is also portable, so companies can keep their old numbers to take important business calls even if they switch phone providers.

The toll-free number will bill the company for incoming calls instead of the customer for making the call. This is the main advantage of a toll-free number: it allows a caller to reach a business or private individual without being charged for the call.

You will find that offering a toll-free number can increase your call volume and help you manage your growth.

Yodel – The Best Phone System for Your Business

What makes Yodel so powerful is that if you have a toll-free number from another provider, you can port that number into Yodel to make sure everything stays the same. There are also a number of solutions that specifically address toll-free numbers, making it easier for companies to purchase toll-free 800 numbers and a variety of other options.

Yodel has a wide range of features that can be personalized to your billing plan, in order to create the best outcome for your business.

Explore more features
  1. Easy Configuration

    There’s no need to take time away from your business or your callers with Yodel’s easy implementation. Get your phone system up and running in minutes!

  2. Business Text Messaging

    Send SMS messages to your callers using your business phone number, allowing you to keep in touch even if you can’t pick up the phone.

  3. Access Unparalleled Integrations

    If your team lives in Slack, loves their SaaS tools, can’t survive without their CRM software, or all of the above, Yodel is the system for you!

  4. Voice Transcription

    Yodel will automatically transcribe and store incoming calls and voicemails for later review.

  5. Voice IVR

    Intelligently route callers in real-time based on what they’re saying.

In the end…

Yodel can help you unlock a toll-free number today. This toll-free number can provide many benefits for your business and your customers. Take advantage of a toll-free number today, and start seeing the advantages.

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