The Complete Cloud Phone System Checklist

We want to give you the perfect tool to help you determine the best cloud phone for your business. This means handing you the ULTIMATE cloud phone system checklist.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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What we will be talking about today:

We will be looking at popular solutions such as:, AirCall, and Grasshopper. These are some of the most used cloud phone systems for a reason, but how will you know the best phone system for your team?

That’s why today we’re going to give you everything that you need. That means by starting with the basics, as we explain the differences between a traditional phone and a cloud phone. From there we will be going into the different advantages you can expect to see from a cloud phone system.

Once you have all the background information, we’re going to give you the ULTIMATE cloud phone system checklist. This checklist will then be put to use as we compare the solutions we discussed earlier.

Sounds exciting to you? Then let’s get into it!

Beginning with the basics:

Virtual phone systems are Internet-based systems that are able to ditch the traditional phone wires, and expensive hardware. Instead, they offer flexibility through using advanced technology to deliver voice signals over the internet.

These phone systems are also called VoIP, or internet telephony systems and they are accessible to businesses of all sizes and styles. Many systems will let you take advantage of a variety of devices too, but don’t worry, we’ll talk more about that later.

Teams are able to adopt these Internet-based systems without having to invest heavily in traditional telephone services and their hardware.

A virtual telephone system does not require a traditional telephone line or telephone number, but a connection to the internet. You can share these services with your teammates and be able to handle calls, forward of calls, or join calls, etc.

Okay…so what is a cloud phone system?

Cloud phone systems are a type of Internet-based systems that use the latest technology to provide voice communication. VoIP systems require expensive and intricate servers to operate, which large enterprises will often store on-site. However, the cost to maintain, upgrade, and service these servers is fairly significant. That is why VoIP providers will make these systems more accessible by providing a cloud based option.

Cloud phone systems are hosted offsite, meaning that your business won’t have to worry about expensive overhead or maintenance costs that are oftentimes associated with internet phone systems. By utilizing cloud technology, VoIP systems are able to give you access to the most up to date services without burdening your business with hefty infrastructure costs and servers.

How do cloud phones compare to traditional phones?

Some people may be worried that if they switch to a cloud based phone, that either their callers or their team would experience a significant difference in communication. The great news is that there won’t be a difference for anyone involved, except for the unlocking of a whole suite of intelligent features and crystal clear voice communications.

If you want to initiate a call, you simply dial the number and are instantly connected. Your caller on the other end, whether they are using a cloud phone or a traditional phone system, won’t notice any differences in the mechanics of the call either.

For everyone involved, mechanically you are making calls the way that you always have.

The technology behind the phone system is where one of the key differences in these systems lies.

Instead of relying on the antiquated phone lines, aka those copper wires that were installed decades ago, your phone is able to send and receive voice signals over the internet. This is done by:

  1. Your cloud phone system picking up your voice signals
  2. Those voice signals being compressed into data packets
  3. The data packets are then sent over the internet to the user on the other end
  4. Your data packets are then decompressed back into voice signals for the user on the other end of the phone to hear

This instantaneous process has zero delays to it, so you don’t need to worry about lag times during the process.

Cloud Phone Benefits

Your team could benefit from implementing a cloud phone in a wide variety of ways! While some of the benefits will relate directly to the features that are available, there will also be some universal cloud phone benefits. Before we get to our checklist, we wanted to briefly touch on each of them.


Cloud phones are typically an extremely affordable option compared to traditional office phones, which require an office line and expensive hardware. In most cases, the only thing you need to worry about is the monthly pricing fee. Calling charges for virtual telephone systems are much lower than those of traditional carriers, making it much easier to maintain a reliable business telephone system.

Simply put, a cloud phone system is a cost-effective way to keep your entire team connected to each other and your callers.


Cloud phone systems are incredibly useful as tools that can grow WITH your business, so you don’t have to worry about replacing your system in the future.

Regardless of if you grow by expanding your team, your locations, or your offerings, a cloud phone can easily grow with you. That is because you don’t have to worry about getting additional numbers for your system to still work. You also aren’t tied down to any specific hardware or location, making it a super scalable solution.

You also won’t be responsible for upgrading your phone system to include the latest technology and most impressive features. Your cloud phone provider would take care of that for you.

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The Ultimate Checklist

If you’re looking for additional benefits, then you’ll love our ultimate checklist. We’re breaking down our list of must-have features in a way where you will understand exactly how those features can benefit your business.

Expand communication possibilities

Your business phone should give you more than just phone calling as a communication option. With a cloud based phone, you should be able to access even more features that could lead to expanded communication possibilities.

  • Text messaging: Your business phone system should also be able to send and receive SMS messages from the same phone number. Which will help you communicate in a way that may be more convenient for your customers.
  • Integrations: If you take advantage of a CRM system, have an internal communications platform, or use some other business tool, having your phone sync to your most loved tools will help improve your communications possibilities.
  • Canned responses: This is an essential feature that can help your team communicate with your callers before you even pick up the phone. Pre-written responses can be read aloud, informing callers of important information.

Enhance collaboration

Call collaboration is essential to having effective communication. Allow your team to work together, to further your phone processes and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Call whispering: Easily give your colleague relevant information about a call while they are speaking to the caller. The information can be heard by your colleague, but not by the caller on the other end, making it perfect for collaboration.
  • Call commenting: The essential counterpart to call whispering, which allows you to share information in a written format to your colleague.

Improve workflow efficiencies

Your team will love being able to simplify their workflows, while your callers will appreciate having their needs met at a faster pace. This can be done when you take advantage of the following features:

  • Voice IVR: Route callers where they are meant to go, right from the start. This can be done using intelligent voice based call routing, to help your callers avoid annoying and outdated menus that sound like “press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing”
  • Call screening: Avoid unnecessary interruptions from spam calls, and make sure that your team is only interrupted by relevant communications.
  • Call recordings: Eliminate the need to take notes by having call recordings that make it easy to keep track of important information. The best call recording systems will come with the ability to transcribe the recording for easy access.

Increase flexibility

The ability to have flexible and remote working options will be appreciated by many teams, and your phone system shouldn’t be tied down to one physical location.

  • Mobile and tablet apps: Make sure that your phone system is accessible from a wide variety of devices and locations. With mobile and tablet apps, you can take advantage of your business phone system wherever you are.
  • Virtual phone numbers: Your business phone number can now go virtual, as you take advantage of local area codes from around the world. That way you can appear as a local business wherever you do business, without having to have a physical location. That means your customers can reach you without having to worry about out of area phone calling charges.

The Best Business Cloud Phone Providers 2022

Yodel is able to provide you with a wide variety of communication possibilities. Text messaging and canned responses are both available with Yodel. Additionally, their smart integrations include Slack, CRM tools such as Hubspot, and other communication platforms such as Gmail and Microsoft 365.

Collaboration features are made possible through both call whispering and call commenting. Your team will love their Intelligent Voice IVR, which is a huge timesaver as you route calls based on what they are saying in real time. Other timesavers include call screening and call recording. Yodel is also able to offer transcriptions through their automatic voicemail transcriptions.

To take advantage of Yodel, you can use their mobile or tablet app, desktop app, or through a web browser. You can also access Yodel through various integrations. Yodel also has a wide range of virtual phone number options for your team to choose from.


Aircall is also able to expand your communication capabilities through features such as business SMS messaging. While there is no mention of canned responses, there may be other features that can create this functionality. Aircall does offer a wide range of integrations, including CRM favorites such as

Aircall doesn’t explicitly mention call commenting or call whispering on their features list. They also don’t have a fully intelligent IVR system, and instead have the ability to set up a multi-level IVR menu. The timesavers Aircall does provide include call screening and call recording.

To take advantage of Aircall, you can use their mobile or tablet app, desktop app, or through a web browser. Aircall also has a wide range of virtual phone number options for your team to choose from.


Grasshopper makes it possible to utilize business SMS texting. However, there isn’t a lot of mention of integration possibilities. That means that if you have a business toll that you love, it may not be able to sync to your phone. This can lead to duplicate information, inconsistent information, and other harmful information silos.

Grasshopper unfortunately doesn’t have many of the other features that we specifically mentioned. There is no mention of call whispering or call commenting on their website. In terms of improving workflow efficiencies, that doesn’t seem to be possible through the help of voice based IVR. However, there is the ability to have call screening and call recordings.

Grasshopper is accessible through a wide range of devices, including your phone, tablet, and desktop computer. They also are able to provide a variety of business phone number options for your team to choose from. They make it possible to choose from a toll free number, vanity number, local number, or to port your existing phone number.

In the end…

Your business should be getting the most out of their cloud phone system, and that can be possible when you take advantage of a system that gives you access to all of the benefits and features that your team deserves.

If you are looking to get started with a business phone system that can give you access to those benefits, then test out Yodel today! You can get started with a free trial, as well as receive personalized advice through one of our demo calls.

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