Key Benefits Of An Integrated Phone System

One of the benefits Yodel is able to provide is an integrated phone system that can connect your phone to the tools your business already loves to use. An integrated phone system can help your business in many ways, and we wanted to take the time to highlight some of the key benefits in this article.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

4 min read

Learn about the many advanced features and functions that a VoIP telephone system has to offer, whether you own a telephone system or not.

The advantages of Integration

Improve reorganization or restructuring

If you have plans to branch out or reorganize your business, a VoIP telephone system allows you to systematize this. When you integrate your phone systems into your CRM, all this information is available to you to query and search for information, saving your team a lot of time and effort. This allows them to be integrated with other software applications to achieve better efficiency and productivity.

Easily access information

Once you have all the data in your CRM platform, it makes sense to enable the business phone system to use this information. Many advantages result from integrating your telephone system into your CRM system for your sales, and support departments.

Maximize return from your business tools

In the ever-changing economy, switching to a VoIP telephone system can prove cost-effective for your business. The tools that you are already paying for can be combined to give you access to new functionalities and benefits, without having to pay more for them. This can help your team maximize their return.

Keep multiple offices connected

An integrated telephone system is also useful for large companies that have multiple departments or offices. With a cloud telephone system, companies with different locations can efficiently deploy a “remote” office setup. VoIP systems can be integrated with any business application as long as the calls are made over the Internet.

The advantages of VoIP

If an integrated phone system wasn’t enough to convince you it was time to switch to a VoIP system, maybe seeing these additional benefits will! Your business will be able to see even more benefits than integration once they take advantage of a cloud-based phone system like Yodel.

Explore more features

Best of all, a good business telephone system gives you access to all your customer base, no matter where you are. With cloud phones that can be easily integrated into mobile devices, owners and employees can access these devices to ensure seamless productivity. Call center owners will be thrilled to be able to switch from a hosted PBX to an open-source solution with easy-to-use, high-quality, cloud-friendly phone lines.

Compared to traditional telephone services, the cost of a VoIP telephone system for business call center services can be as much as $15 per month for a basic plan, or up to 30% less than a traditional telephone system.

The primary advantage is that the installation and maintenance of your business phone are extremely easy when you are opting for a cloud system. You can even keep the same phone numbers, just contact us to port all existing numbers. Switching to an integrated telephone system for business calls can reduce costs, simplify the processing of customer data, and expand the coverage.

Depending on your business needs, your telephone system can be as powerful or as minimal as necessary. To set up, you need a business telephone system that has several robust features that let you use them in various ways, such as tool integration with CRM. Since the phone system is stored in the network, this allows you to integrate it with many other applications to boost productivity and efficiency.

Thinking about making the switch?

There are many companies that could benefit from a cloud telephone system. Since phones are one of the most important components of your company’s communication system, it is important to ensure that your phone is integrated with your other systems. The more robust VoIP telephone systems are, the more effective your communication with the company is. Yodel can help you maximize your effectiveness through our smart integrations, and next generation features. The best part? You can give Yodel a try today for free, and see why we are trusted by thousands of companies to deliver high quality phone communication.

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