Is there another app like Google Voice?

If you’re looking for a Google Voice alternative for your business then we have just the system for you.

Olivia Maier

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What is Google Voice?

Back in 2009, Google entered the VoIP market with Google Voice. Google Voice for business is a phone service that lets users make and receive phone calls and messages. While Google Voice for Business is able to introduce users to some of the benefits of VoIP, there are some significant limitations of the service,

Google Voice for Business isn’t able to offer:

The lack of these features demonstrates that Google Voice for Business isn’t the most robust VoIP solution that you could be taking advantage of. Without these features you aren’t equipped to provide the best voice communication possible for your customers.

What are other alternatives?

Yodel is able to offer all of the features listed above that Google Voice isn’t able to. Each of those features come with an ability to improve the overall quality of voice communication with your customers. This is in addition to a wide variety of next generation features that our users love to use.

The Yodel App

The Yodel apps, which are available for iOS, Android, tablet, and desktop devices. The mobile apps are able to give you access to internet based calling right from the convenience of your mobile device

The Yodel app makes it easier than ever to take advantage of a VoIP system. The app makes it easy to separate personal and business calls even on the same device. The Yodel app is tied to your business phone number and will only ring for incoming business calls. The incoming call alert will be clearly differentiated from calls coming into your native phone app.

This means that you essentially have access to a separate business phone without having to buy any additional hardware.

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In the end…

The convenience of a VoIP app isn’t unique to Google Voice for Business. With the Yodel app you are able to see the benefits that Google Voice for Business can provide, and eliminate the frustration that comes with the gaps in the Google Voice system. Access the better alternative today with a free trial!

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