Is There A Low-Cost VoIP System?

While some providers require hefty investments and long term contracts, Yodel has been designed to be affordable for teams of all sizes.

Olivia Maier

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How can VoIP providers make systems more affordable?

With VoIP systems, there are on-site and cloud-based options. Cloud based VoIP providers are able to reduce costs for VoIP users compared to on-site solutions. That is because they bear the responsibility of the servers used in VoIP communication, which includes maintaining and storing them. When companies don’t have to make the hefty investment of on-site VoIP servers, VoIP technology becomes significantly more accessible for businesses of all sizes.

VoIP providers can also make VoIP services more affordable with scaling pricing. This would be a pricing plan set per user, allowing your business to only pay for the amount of users that are actually using your phone system. Look at different pricing plans for various providers to understand what is offered with each plan, for some providers there are set minimum and maximum users available for each plan, or significant differences in capabilities.

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Adding More Value

If you are looking to get the most out of your money, then look for how your VoIP system can become a cost effective solution in your business. Smart features may help your business save money by improving your team’s ability to be more efficient, effective, and productive.

One tip that we have is to look for where integrations can help your business add value. By maximizing your ability to use multiple business tools, you will be able to unlock more value from the same resources.

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No Strings (or cords) Attached

VoIP providers are able to make their systems more accessible when your business isn’t getting locked into a long term contract, or forced to invest in specific software and hardware for the VoIP system to function properly.

There is no need for your business to purchase specific hardware, especially when VoIP providers like Yodel make VoIP accessible across multiple device types such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, or existing hardware SIP phones. Avoid any system that requires specific hardware, as it is an unnecessary expense for your business.

In the end…

Yodel is able to offer your business a low cost VoIP system for the reasons that we have discussed above. From the start with our free trial there are absolutely no strings attached. You can easily access Yodel from a variety of devices that your team likely already has at their disposal, making our system accessible and affordable. With our easy to understand pricing, you will never have to question what you are getting with our service. Get started today to see how our affordable VoIP system can help you see massive benefits.

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