How to Track Follow-Up Calls?

Yodel’s easy way to improve your follow-up call workflow
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Why are follow-up calls important?

Follow-up calls can mean a couple different things depending on your business and context. Whether you are calling back a sales lead, or a customer who called for support, you want to handle these moments delicately. If you forget to follow-up, you may lose a deal or increase a customer’s frustration. However if you accidentally repeat a follow-up you could be seen as a nuisance or unprofessional.

Follow-up calls aren’t always handled by the same agent. If your team is working together to address follow-ups there’s even more room for error, as a lack of communication could lead to follow-ups falling through the cracks or being attempted repeatedly.

Tracking follow-ups doesn’t have to be a complicated process, with Yodel we make it easy for your entire team to stay on the same page.

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What do you want to track with follow-up calls?

While this may look different for each team, we recommend having the following information available:

  • Initial call purpose (i.e. billing information, customer support, etc.)n
  • Date of the initial call
  • What future action is needed (support call back, [user name] will follow up, etc.)

This information should be easily viewable within your business phone system. While some teams may like to have a shared spreadsheet to track this, having all the information within your phone system platform makes it easier to access it when you need to.

What can Yodel users do?

One way to track follow-up calls in Yodel is to record important information as call tags.This will allow you to save the information that we have recommended you have available, conveniently housed within the original call. This means when you go to follow up you also have the original call phone number readily available.

For example, you can simply add call tags to completed calls which will be displayed prominently in your Yodel call log.

If there is a call that requires a follow up, you may choose to add the following tags to the call:

  • Billing question
  • [team member name] follow up

The call log can be filtered by tags added, allowing you to easily search for which calls require a follow up. This can help you delegate follow-ups, and make it clear who is responsible for reconnecting with your callers.

The call log can also be filtered by specific numbers, so if you are unsure if a follow up has been taken care of you can simply search the number to see all call history.

In the end…

Find simple ways to track follow-up calls, so that this can become a simple and instinctive part of your phone communication workflow. Overly complicated processes just aren’t necessary, especially if your team is taking advantage of Yodel.

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