How to Setup a Business Voicemail Greeting

Get your business voicemail up and running in only a matter of minutes!
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

Keeping it Simple

Adopting a new phone system can feel like a significant task, especially when there are so many new features to learn and properly configure. Except with Yodel, it doesn’t have to be a time intensive process.

But First…

Why set up a professional voicemail?

With a professional voicemail system in place, you can trust that even when you can’t get to the phone your callers will still experience high quality voice communication. Whether that means sharing important information in your voicemail greeting, explaining the next steps that will be taken, or even just thanking your customer for their call, a professional voicemail can help you get that done.

Logistically a professional voicemail can help you streamline your business communications, giving you another benefit from such a simple feature to configure. With voicemail transcriptions available you have the option to read your voicemail even when audio isn’t convenient. Those voicemail transcriptions can be reviewed at a later time too, helping you collect more information and data.

A professional voicemail is beneficial to both your team and your callers, so it is an easy decision to utilize one in your business.

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How to Setup a Business Voicemail Greeting

It really is simple to get started.

  1. Set a timeout when you want to forward the caller to voicemail

  2. Determine the voicemail greeting you would like to use

With Yodel you can choose to upload your own audio file, or type out a message that Yodel can read aloud for you. We have over 30 languages and a variety of voices to choose from, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your business voicemail.

  1. Decide if the call should be forwarded to another number or simply directed to voicemail

In the end…

Setting up a professional voicemail is just one step in configuring your new phone system. By avoiding a complicated configuration process, Yodel is able to provide users with a customizable system that is still dead simple to use.

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