How To Set Up A Virtual Phone Number?

In this article, we will discuss how to set up a virtual telephone number that actually works for you.
Clarisa Abalasei

Clarisa Abalasei

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How does a virtual phone number work?

Some virtual number providers currently offer cloud-based hosted number systems that allow customers to tailor their business functions to their specific needs. You can also make and receive calls using your phone number on a range of different devices, including tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Once you have signed up for a virtual number service, you can select your virtual business phone number to enable calls and queries. After configuring your account, most providers make it easy for you to set up your device quickly. You can quickly follow the instructions to set up the devices, and if you encounter any technical problem, you can contact support for guidance.

If you are an entrepreneur or IT-decision maker and want to include a virtual phone number, Yodel may be the right option for you. We strongly recommend that you learn more about the various options available to you to choose the best possible solution for your company. Consider what options you need and weigh up what investments you are prepared to make in your company’s communications. Choose a number with high-quality virtual phone service and a low-cost option to start with.

Features to consider when purchasing a virtual phone number

  1. Voice Transcription
    It is very important that your business phone will automatically transcribe incoming calls and voicemails, and store them for easy review.
  2. Call Recording
    Collecting audio files from your calls makes the process to review important call information very convenient for your customer support team.
  3. Unlimited Concurrent Calls
    Your team will never have to worry about the line being busy, as you are able to make and receive unlimited parallel calls on the same phone number.
  4. Office Hours
    Easily let your callers know when your team is available with customizable office hours. Calls received outside of designated hours are automatically redirected to voicemail.
  5. Voice IVR
    A good business phone system will intelligently route callers based on what they are saying in real-time, making sure that your clients get where they need to right from the start.
  6. Business Text Messaging
    Communicate over SMS messages to your customers, via your business phone number, helping you stay in contact even if you can’t answer the phone.
  7. Dozens of Integrations
    If your team lives in Slack, can’t survive without their CRM software, loves their SaaS tools, or all of the above, Yodel might be the best system for you!

Most robust business phone system out there

If you would like to purchase a virtual phone number from Yodel, you can register for free and choose your desired geographical location for your virtual number. After you have created an account, simply select the area code you want through the Yodel management platform, and start using your virtual phone number. Once you have signed in and configured your phone line, you can start placing outgoing calls and receive calls from customers as well. It is very easy to make or receive calls from your smartphone as well by installing the Yodel mobile app.

Your phone number can also be used for sending and receiving business SMS as well as receiving MMS. After visiting the Contact page, you can add as many contacts as you like, as well as blocking the caller if needed. When you use your virtual number to make calls, you can also invite your teammates to join the call, and therefore host a call conference.

With a virtual telephone number, you can easily start making calls and automate your business processes (such as using IVR). Another great advantage is the possibility to set up business hours when you want to receive calls. Otherwise, Yodel sends calls directly to the voicemail when you are out of the office. All of these features and many more. Get started with a free trial today!

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