How to Have A US Business Number While Living in the UK?

Sometimes it just makes sense to have an international phone number, but what are your options?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Who would want a US business number while living in the UK?

Many businesses will have their own reasons for wanting an international number, but they might not know how easy it can be to access one. That’s because traditional business phone numbers are tied to a physical office or business location. That’s especially true if your business is still using an analog phone system, in which voice signals are carried over physical copper telephone wires.

However, for businesses who take advantage of VoIP technology, the possibilities are practically endless. A VoIP phone system is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed by team members around the globe, or provide an international virtual phone number.

An international virtual phone number is simply a phone number attached to your virtual phone system that has an international area code. So for a business located in the UK, using a virtual international phone number could give you access to US based area codes.

Businesses may want to take advantage of international virtual phone numbers for a variety of reasons, but the most common involve making your business more accessible. If you have employees located in the US, it may make sense to give them a phone number tied to their location. If you have a large US presence, or are looking to expand your US customer base, using an American phone number could help. That is because it will appear as a local number to US customers, which may be more appealing to some customers. It also will make your business phone number more accessible by phone, as some customers may not be able to make international calls to your UK based phone number.

Regardless of your reasoning, Yodel makes it easy for you to have access to a US virtual phone number.

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How can you get one?

During Yodel’s onboarding process it is simple to notify our team that you would like an American area code. You can further select the local code that best fits your business needs.

With Yodel, you can access a new virtual business phone number in four simple steps:

  1. Create your trial account and receive a phone number

    When receiving this phone number you can filter by specific area and country codes to find the perfect UK virtual number for your business.

  2. Invite your team members & assign roles

  3. Start to make and receive calls

  4. Easily track and record calls

In the end…

Yodel makes it easy to access a virtual international phone number. This goes beyond just American phone numbers, we’re able to provide phone numbers for over 100 countries allowing you to select the international phone number that best suits your business. Get started today with a free 14 day trial, and see why thousands of companies trust Yodel for their business phone communication.

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