How to Get Better at Answering Phone Calls?

Yodel’s tips for improving the phone call answering process
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Let’s face it,

Business phone conversations can vary in terms of their effectiveness. I think most people have had a phone call with a business where at the end you can’t help but think that your time would’ve been better spent doing almost anything else. However, this means that this is a major opportunity for your business to differentiate yourself from the competition. Many if not most incoming business calls are from current and potential customers, and this could be a massive opportunity for your business to improve your retention rates and attract new business.

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Take the time to train your employees on effective phone communication, and give them the tools to start every call on the right note. If you’re taking advantage of Yodel for your business communication, here are some easy to implement tips that will instantly help your team improve how they answer phone calls.

  1. Don’t neglect your first impression

    Starting your call off right should include having a well developed welcome message for your callers to hear. Yodel’s customizable welcome messages can be tailored to best fit your business style and tone, helping you leave an accurate first impression for your callers.

  2. Give your team time to prepare

    Your team will be able to deliver a higher caliber of service if they have a head start on the incoming call. When you take advantage of call screening you are able to find out caller intent before your agent even answers the phone. This gives them time to pull up relevant information, so when they are connected to your caller they are ready to go.

  3. Have important information readily accessible

    When you take advantage of CRM integrations you’re able to easily access important customer information. This can help you better serve your incoming caller, as it reduces or even eliminates the need to review customer history. You can simply address the reason for calling.

  4. Avoid unnecessary distractions

    Give yourself a chance to provide high quality phone communication without having your attention divided. The live activity feed will show the rest of the team that you are currently occupied, which helps you reduce distractions. You can also take advantage of call recording to reduce the need to take notes on an active call.

In the end…

You should start each call on a positive note, and when you take advantage of Yodel’s next generation features you will be better equipped to do that. If you aren’t currently using Yodel, you can get started today with a free 14 day trial that will help your business see amazing benefits. Let us know, how do you ensure good phone communication right from the start?

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