How to get a virtual number in Canada?

Yodel can help you access a Canadian virtual number in seconds.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

What is a Canadian virtual number?

When you get started with a virtual phone system, the phone number you receive is a virtual phone number. The great thing about VoIP systems is that they aren’t tied to any physical location. This means that your virtual phone number can include an area code from anywhere in the world that your VoIP provider offers.

Yodel knows how important it is to give your business options in terms of national and international phone numbers. That is why we offer a variety of countries to choose from when picking your virtual phone number, including Canada!

With a Canadian phone number, you’re able to better connect with your Candian customers. This includes if you are located in Canada yourself, are looking to expand to Canada, or just have a lot of Canadian customers.

How does it work?

Yodel makes it easy to access your own Canadian based virtual phone number. Whether you want one Canadian number, multiple Canadian phone numbers, or phone numbers with a variety of country codes, it is always easy to keep track of your different phone numbers and lines. You can also easily switch back and forth between them.

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With Yodel, you can access a new business phone number in four simple steps:

  1. Create your trial account and receive a phone number

    When receiving this phone number you can filter by specific area and country codes to find the perfect Canadian virtual number for your business.

  2. Invite your team members & assign roles

  3. Start to make and receive calls

  4. Easily track and record calls

In the end…

It’s quite simple to use Yodel to access a virtual Canadian phone number. Get started with your own Canadian virtual phone number with our free 14 day trial!

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