How to Get a Virtual Canadian Mobile Number?

Access VoIP how you want with Yodel. Yes, that means mobile too!
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

What is a Canadian virtual number?

Taking advantage of VoIP technology is able to improve your business’ overall flexibility and portability. When you are using a virtual phone system, you aren’t tied to one specific location. That is because a VoIP system uses the internet to make and receive calls instead of relying on traditional physical copper wires to transmit voice signals. Since you aren’t tied to one physical location, you have more options than ever when selecting your virtual phone number.

A virtual phone number is simply the phone number used with your virtual phone system. If you are using a Canadian area code, then your phone number would be considered a Canadian virtual phone number. Not every provider is able to offer area codes for some countries, so if you are looking for a Canadian phone number specifically it is recommended you check that before signing up with a new provider

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Can you use a mobile phone with virtual phone numbers?

This will depend on the provider that you choose. Yodel is able to provide access to your virtual number through a variety of options. If you are looking to use your virtual number on your mobile device, it is easy with our iOS and Android Apps. The apps replicate the native phone app on your smartphone, and make it easy to differentiate between the calls coming into your mobile phone. This means you don’t need a separate mobile phone just for your business phone number. Instead you can utilize a device you already have, and just have a separate app specifically for your virtual phone number. Incoming calls will be easily distinguishable, letting you avoid potential mixups.

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How do you get started?

Yodel makes it easy to get started with a Canadian virtual phone number. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your trial account and receive a phone number

    When receiving this phone number you can filter by specific area and country codes to find the perfect Canadian virtual number for your business.

  2. Invite your team members & assign roles

  3. Start to make and receive calls

  4. Easily track and record calls

In the end…

Accessing a Canadian virtual phone number on a mobile device is easy with Yodel. You can get started today with a free 14 day trial. With no credit card needed, and no commitment necessary, it is a risk free way to find out if Yodel is the right virtual phone system for your team.

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