How to Acquire a Toll Free Number for Business?

Learn how easy it can be to access your own toll-free number

Olivia Maier

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Is your team looking to add a toll free number to your business?

That is a great choice for many teams, with a toll free number being able to offer increased accessibility for your callers. That is because a toll free number can be called by your customers without them being charged. Your team is able to better serve your callers by removing a potential barrier to phone communication.

Toll free numbers can be easily identified, as they typically include recognizable three digit codes. You might recognize them without ever having realized what those codes meant. They include 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833.

Increased accessibility isn’t the only advantage of a toll free number. Your business would also see the following benefits:

  • Improve professional image and business credibility
  • Enhance business portability by eliminating location specific area codes
  • Unify communication among a distributed team

If you are looking for a toll free number, then Yodel is the perfect solution for you. Not only do you gain access to a toll free number, but you also unlock a powerful business phone system that your team will love. Yodel is the smart business phone solution that is designed for teams looking to improve their communication and collaboration. This is done through a wide variety of next generation features, that are designed in a way that makes them easy for your entire team to take advantage of.

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With Yodel, getting a toll free number couldn’t be any easier

With 4 easy steps you can have your business phone system up and running with a toll free number.

  1. Sign up with Yodel
  2. Contact the Yodel team through the live chat, and let us know you would like a toll free number
  3. Get the toll free number of your choice
  4. Start receiving calls!

Yodel has an unlimited number of toll free numbers available for your team to choose from, and you may even be able to port in your existing toll free number. You can even have multiple toll free numbers on your Yodel account.

Acquire your toll free number for business through Yodel, and start delivering better phone communication starting today.

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