How Many Phone Lines Do I Need for My Business?

How should you decide the right number for YOUR business needs??

Olivia Maier

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The Basics

The term “phone line” used to refer to a physical copper wire (or line) that would carry a telephone signal to your physical phone. Today, those copper wires aren’t used in every phone system (just think about a cloud phone system, internet based calling means there’s no need for any physical lines).

Today the phrase “phone line” is used to describe how many connections you want to your phone system. This is different from how many phone NUMBERS you want to be connected to. You can have a single phone number that is connected to multiple phone lines. That would allow multiple devices and users to utilize the same phone number, at the same time.

In the past..

With a traditional phone system, scaling your phone lines could be a massive challenge. If you’re still using a system that has those physical phone lines, it can be hard to adjust the number of phone lines that you have access to. That’s just one of the reasons businesses have been switching to VoIP systems.

With VoIP

Like we mentioned before, there are no physical wires involved. You also don’t have to give a specific number of phone lines that you’d want, with a VoIP system you won’t be locked into a set number.

Yodel helps make this flexible solution, even more flexible. Our customers are billed per USER, not per device. That means that for a single user, you could access your phone line through your computer, tablet, mobile phone, or hardware SIP phone. As your team grows and changes it is much easier to add more users to Yodel, especially in comparison to the complicated task of adding another phone line with a traditional phone system.

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In the end…

You don’t have to pick a specific number of phone lines if you take advantage of Yodel. Instead you can determine which team members should have access to your phone number, and add them as users to your Yodel plan. This makes it easy to add and change your team.

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