How Does Computer Telephony Integration Work?

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Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is one of the most modern communication systems and bridges the gap between the traditional telephone system and the new generation of high-speed and multi-channel communication. The integration of computer telephony opens the door not only to the call center manager, but also to all other employees, to a completely new way of operating a call center. It is the ability to have a more efficient, effective, and accurate customer experience for your customers.

CTI can be seamlessly integrated into routing applications such as voice, text, video, audio, and video conferencing systems. It can also perform many other functions, such as real-time information about the status of calls, and which calls are made by a customer to and from the system.

CTI is mainly used in call centers and is an important category of call center software. Computer telephony integration (CTI) is done by adding telephone controls to the agent’s interface. This allows the phone and computer system to work together for the benefit of agents and customers. By enabling you to make calls, CTI improves agent productivity and customer experience.

Therefore, the integration of computer telephony makes the job of the call center manager easier and, of course, the job of the agent easier, which hopefully improves the customer experience itself.

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What makes CTI so special?

Unlike traditional methods of PBX, Computer Telephony Integration is a very flexible system that runs on the simple installation of a program on your computer. It is so flexible that all it takes to run it is just a matter of installing the program virtually on any computer or device.

Using computer telephony integration in conjunction with a company’s call center solution, agents can identify customer-specific problems and forward them to the right department or agent on the same dashboard. Call centers that implement CTI can use computers to manage telephone calls, which in turn leads to greater efficiency and better results.

Computer Telephony Integration allows representatives to call or accept a number that comes on the screen with a single click. By integrating computer phones, agents do not need a physical phone and can perform telephone functions through a computer, such as answering calls, putting callers on hold, and transferring calls. In short, CTI systems allow agents to work in real-time, answer calls, and track customers.

What’s next..?

VoIP software is able to build off of CTI principles to offer an internet based phone system that can be accessed through your computer. It can also connect to tablets, mobile devices, and your internet browser. VoIP technology can be set up by individual companies on premise, but that option is typically only seen amongst large enterprises. VoIP providers like Yodel can help you take advantage of integrating your business phone with your computer, and can even offer additional benefits such as increased flexibility and portability. Yodel has specifically been designed to offer you high tech features, in an easy to implement and easy to use system.

In conclusion

CTI stands for computer telephony integration and means linking a call center to business software that allows more control over call management. The interactions between any number of computers and phones are made and coordinated by a dedicated phone system server.CTI automates caller authentication by comparing the phone number of the call and the information existing within the company’s integrated database. CTI gives the ability of computers to start receiving calls and allows them to communicate between all devices via a single interface.

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