How Does a Virtual Call Work?

When you’re using your VoIP system, what is actually happening?

Olivia Maier

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If you’re in the process of looking for a VoIP system, you’ve probably seen a lot of buzz words like “cloud-based”, “virtual calls”, and more. That might have left you wondering what is actually happening when a VoIP system makes or receives a call.

That is why we wanted to give you a simple breakdown of the process VoIP technology relies on.

VoIP technology enables your virtual phone system to transmit voice signals. With a traditional phone system, your voice would be sent as analog signals over a copper telephone line.

Instead of utilizing those copper wires, a VoIP system uses the internet to transmit your voice. When a VoIP user is on a phone call, they will be connected to their VoIP system through an app, browser, integration, or some other method.The VoIP system in use will compress your voice from an analog sound wave into a digital package.

From there, your internet router is utilized to send the digital voice signal to VoIP servers. Those VoIP servers are either hosted on-premise, or if you are using a cloud-based system they will be hosted by your VoIP provider. From the VoIP server your voice signals are routed on to the customer. Before the customer hears your voice, the digital package will be decompressed back into analog sound waves.

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To summarize the process

  1. Access your VoIP system
  2. Your voice will be compressed from analog sound waves into digital data packets
  3. Those data packets are transmitted over the internet to connect to VoIP servers
  4. The VoIP servers route the calls to the party on the other side of the phone
  5. The digital data packets are decompressed into analog voice signals

This entire process happens instantaneously, and occurs each time you speak to the party on the other side of the phone. There aren’t any delays, and you may actually experience even more reliable phone service when you use a VoIP system like Yodel.

In the end…

Yodel is committed to making VoIP technology more accessible. Part of how we do that is by giving you the resources you need to fully understand VoIP systems, and Yodel. You can get started today with a free trial, and experience VoIP technology for 14 days with no commitment necessary.

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