How Do I Get A Business Phone Number?

With a business phone number you can take advantage of effective business communication.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

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What is a virtual business phone number?

If you are starting a small business, one of the first things you will think about is how to get your business phone number. Virtual telephone systems using VoIP technology are a great solution for small and medium businesses looking for a reliable, affordable, and easy way to get to their business phone numbers.

But first, you might be asking “What is VoIP?” In simple terms, it is the technology that enables calls over the internet. If you wish to find out more about VoIP and virtual phone numbers, we recommend reading this blog article: How Does a VoIP Phone Number Work?

Virtual phone communication providers allow business owners to get a local number that uses the local code, or an international phone number for greater coverage. Your business phone number can also be toll-free, which is great for getting calls regardless of where you are located. With a virtual phone system, you can have the flexibility to choose a phone number that best reflects your business needs.

Wait, what types of phone numbers for businesses exist?

If you find that you have questions about the type of phone numbers that you can choose from, we have the answer for you! We have provided this mini-guide on the basics behind each type of phone number, with links to articles where you can learn more about each kind.


A landline number is basically a phone number that uses actual wires to make calls. Prior to the invention of mobile phones, a local number, attached to the hardware phone, in a home or office was the only way to make or receive calls.


A virtual phone number is a phone number that is not associated with a specific endpoint or device. Such a number operates over the internet rather than via landline companies and can perform all of the functions of a traditional phone number plus many more features.


Mobile numbers are phone numbers that are commonly used with mobile phones. Cell phones, unlike fixed lines, allow you to take calls both inside and outside of your office.

Local phone numbers

Local telephone numbers are numbers that are designated to a specific area or region, using local codes, and are used in the same way as other local numbers. Local phone numbers are an excellent way to create a presence in an area, whether or not you have a physical presence there.

International numbers

International phone numbers are specific phone numbers for each country in which you want to promote your business. Simply put, customers see international phone numbers as local phone numbers, regardless of whether the business associated with the numbers has a physical presence there.

Toll-free phone numbers

A toll-free number is a telephone number that can be dialed without charging the person who made the call. This is the type of call where the company answering the calls will be charged for each call, instead of the caller. Toll-free numbers can start with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833.

Vanity phone numbers

A vanity number is either a toll-free or local number that spells a word, name, or acronym chosen by the company, which makes it easier to remember for customers. Such telephone numbers are relevant to the industry of your business, for example for a flower shop the number can be 1-800-FLOWERS.

How Do You Register A Business Phone Number? is a professional business phone system that makes it easy to get started. Register in 5 minutes, choose your phone number and that’s it! We offer a wide range of phone numbers, such as local telephone numbers, mobile numbers, toll-free ones, and international VoIP numbers. The chosen phone number can also be used on multiple devices, such as on a mobile device (smartphone) or on the laptop / desk computer. We offer a wide range of functions that can be integrated into your company’s telephone number and customized accordingly.

Here are the steps:

  1. Register For A Free Trial Account And Get A Phone Number
    Filter easily for various area codes and countries. You’ll be able to find a number that fits your business needs among the 70 country codes available.
  2. Assign Roles To Your Team Members After You’ve Invited Them
    To ensure that your team has access to anything they need, assign positions such as Admin, Member, and Guest.
  3. Making And Receiving Phone Calls
    Use our Slack integration or our Web, Desktop, or Mobile apps to get started! Your team can pick the system that works best for them from a variety of choices!

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