How Can Virtual Offices Benefit Your Startup?

Give your startup an edge by taking advantage of a virtual office

Olivia Maier

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An overview of virtual offices

Virtual offices are the combination of different business tools and applications that are able to give your team access to the functionalities and benefits of a physical office. This is typically done by utilizing cloud-based technology and centralizing communication through various platforms such as Slack. When you are setting up your startup, you may consider a virtual office in lieu of a traditional office space. If that is the right choice for your business, you may still need an address for certain business functions, such as becoming an LLC. VIrtual offices have become so commonplace that you are able to apply for an LLC with a virtual address. If you have access to all of the functionalities of a physical office, without having to spend money on leasing an office space, why wouldn’t your startup take advantage of a virtual office?

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How a virtual office can help your startup:

As we mentioned briefly, a virtual office can help significantly reduce your expenses. You’re able to instantly save money, and you don’t have to worry about long term commitments such as an annual lease. Instead your business can have the flexibility to grow, move, and change as it sees fit.

There are other benefits of utilizing a virtual office include being having a system that is able to improve your virtual and flexible working capabilities. Many startups will choose to have an entirely remote team, or at least offer a hybrid working environment. Having a virtual office in place will allow your flexible work to be highly productive and keep your entire team connected.

Your startup can also access a global talent pool when you have a virtual office at your disposal. You can employ and stay connected with team mates across the globe, all while preventing information silos from forming. Give your startup access to the best possible candidates with an office space that supports them, wherever they are located.

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Why Do Startups Need a Virtual Office Phone?

Equip your virtual office with cloud-based versions of business tools every office would have access to. That includes having a centralized phone system for your entire team to utilize. When you have access to a virtual office phone through Yodel you can:

In the end…

A virtual office can be a great fit for your startup, with its ability to offer incredible benefits. If you are looking to utilize a virtual office, make sure it is equipped with all the business tools you will need. This includes taking advantage of a virtual phone system. When you use Yodel as your virtual office phone, you can access even more incredible benefits. Get started today with a free 14 day trial.

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