Does a Virtual Office Allow Me to Use a Physical Office?

How can you take advantage of a virtual office, even when you have a permanent location?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office can mean a couple different things depending on how your business operates. For some teams, it replaces a physical office entirely. Other teams will use it in conjunction with their physical office to support remote and flexible workers. Another variation involves an entirely physical operation that wants to leverage the tools and technology utilized in a virtual office.

No matter what your specific situation is, a virtual office is able to offer all of the traditional aspects of a physical office through a variety of technologies. For example, a physical office gives you a central location to store files, meet with clients, converse with colleagues, and more. With virtual office tools you are able to centrally store files and data, meet with clients via video or phone conferencing , stay connected to your teammates, and more.

What Are the Components of a Virtual Office

  • A way to centralize your operations

    A popular virtual office tool to use is Slack, as it allows you to converse with your colleagues and can be integrated with other business tools that are essential in a virtual office

  • A way to connect with your customers

    Having communication channels that allow you to connect with your customers is a must. A virtual phone system is a great choice as it can be accessed from anywhere, whether you have one physical location, remote workers, or any combination of flexible working.

  • High speed internet

    In order for a virtual office to function, your workers will need access to high speed internet. Equip your physical location with the resources necessary to connect to the virtual office, and ensure flexible workers have access to a reliable connection as well.

How Can Your Team Leverage a Virtual Office?

If your business has a physical office, you can still see the benefits of utilizing virtual office technology.

  • Increase flexibility

    Whether you want to hire fully remote employees, or expand your flexible working options, a virtual office can help with that. This can help you gain an edge in terms of employee recruitment and retention.

  • Beneficial tools

    Your virtual office will consist of tools that can be used by both employees on-site, and remote. Even if your entire office is physically located in one office space, having files stored in the cloud and virtual phone capabilities can provide benefits of their own.

In the end…

Leveraging a virtual office can be done even if you have a physical location. Equip your virtual office with a virtual phone system amongst other tools to have a robust virtual office at your disposal. You can unlock a virtual phone system today with Yodel’s free 14 day trial.

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