Customer Service — 2021 Best Practices

Close out 2021 by taking advantage of the best customer service tips.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

2 min read

You likely already understand the value of customer service, and a high level of customer satisfaction. The benefits that can come from a high level of customer satisfaction are well worth taking the time to understand where your current customer service practices stand in 2021.

Setting customer service best practices is a great way to ensure a high level of customer service across all interactions with your team. However, those best practices should be continually analyzed and adapted as new CS standards emerge. The changing CS standards can lead to higher customer expectations over time. Something that 5 years ago would have left a customer feeling “extremely satisfied” may only “meet expectations” today.

When was the last time you looked at your own standards? We wanted to give you access to some of the most up to date customer service best practices, so you can ensure your policies meet your customers’ growing expectations.

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  1. Track important metrics:

    Tracking customer service related metrics is a must in 2021. It can help you improve your customer service, and better analyze current gaps in what you are providing your customers.

  2. Personalize service:

    Utilize your CRM tools to provide more personalized customer service. It can help save time too, as you won’t be forcing your caller to repeat customer history information that should already be recorded and available.

  3. Improve first call resolution rates:

    Avoid passing calls from agent to agent, only to require a callback from your customer. Being able to address an issue on the first call is a great way to leave your callers feeling satisfied.

  4. Provide self-service and/or 24/7 options

    Give your customers the ability to find a resolution no matter the time of day. That could be through self service resources, a 24/7 call center, or both. Regardless, make your business accessible no matter the time of day.

  5. Take advantage of smart automations

    Automating a part of your CS workflow can be as simple as taking advantage of a virtual receptionist to properly route calls to the right agent. Small automations can make a big difference in delivering more effective customer service.

In the end…

These are just a starting point to help you review your current best practices for your team. Ensure that your team has the tools necessary to effectively implement them by giving them access to a robust business phone solution. With smart CRM integrations, intelligent automations, and a free trial to get started, you can see massive improvements in your ability to handle customer service related calls.

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Breaking News: The Yodel Integration for Intercom just got even better!
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Olivia Maier

3 min read

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