Can I Use My VoIP Phone Anywhere?

How flexible is this phone system?
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Where is your business taking you?

In 2021, your business should be accessible from wherever you are. Flexible working options have become more and more commonplace, and many teams plan on offering flexible work options far into the future. That has led many to decide that remote work is suitable for a more nomadic lifestyle.

Remote working can really be done from anywhere, and a growing number of people have decided that the world reopening means that remote work should allow for working on the go. Traveling for pleasure while working full time work hours is now feasible, and can leave your team with opportunities to explore new places during their lunch breaks, or spend their nights in always changing locations.

Remote working advancements have also made it easier for those who travel for business more than pleasure. That is because time spent traveling no longer has to mean long periods of unproductivity. Instead, work can be done even when going from business location to business location.

Whether you are a remote worker looking to take advantage of telecommuting from anywhere, or your business often leaves you traveling, knowing how accessible your phone system can be is a must. As you take your work on the go, make sure that your phone system can come with you.

What do you need to make your VoIP system work?

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There are only a couple key things that you will need to access your VoIP system with Yodel. The first is a reliable internet connection. That is because calls are made and received over the internet, so a strong connection is necessary for high quality voice communication.

When you are working on the go, there are many opportunities to find a strong internet connection. You can even take advantage of a Wi-Fi hotspot that can be taken on the go with you, wherever you are.

The only other thing required to access your VoIP system with Yodel is the device you will be making your calls on. Yodel makes it easy to take your VoIP on the go with our mobile iOS and Android Apps. The apps mimic native phone apps, allowing you maximum ease of use. Calls are clearly distinguishable, as the Yodel app will specifically ring for calls coming to your business phone number.

So, what are the limits?

As long as you have those two key components, your Yodel VoIP system can be accessible anywhere. That makes flexible working, even more flexible.

In the end…

It makes sense that remote work doesn’t just mean work from home these days. Instead, you can work remotely from anywhere, and still stay connected to your business phone system. Take advantage of Yodel’s flexible VoIP system today with our ree 14 day trial.

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