Best Call Recording Software 2022

Learn all about how call monitoring systems can reshape your business phone experience, as well as the top providers for 2022.
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Olivia Maier

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What we have for you today:

We are here to dive into all the things you need to know about call recording software. We want to start by breaking down what call recording software is, and how your business should be taking advantage of it. We will then share some of the considerations you have to be thinking about, especially if you are worried about protecting your customer information.

Finally, we’re going to help you differentiate from the different providers by providing you with our top list of call recording software for 2022. We will be looking at a few of the internet’s favorite call recording services, including:

  • Aircall
  • Dialpad
  • RingCentral

We chose to look at cloud based phone systems today, because they are often able to provide the most robust phone systems that can leave your team with additional benefits. If you are searching for a new phone system in 2022, why not take it to the next technological level? You can do that with a cloud based phone system, and if you aren’t sure what that entails then be sure to check out our other blog post articles where we describe in detail the benefits of a cloud phone system! To get a little background information, check out this post: Why your business needs a VoIP system.

If that sounds good to you, then we are excited for you to read and become an expert on call recording systems in just a matter of minutes.

What is Call Recording Software?

Call recording software can be made to seem extremely complicated, but the actual technology behind it can be broken down into easy to understand components. As we said before, we will be speaking specifically to call recording software with cloud based phone systems.

Call recording software simply records your telephone conversations. With a cloud based system, you’re able to access these recordings at any time as they are stored within your virtual phone solution. The digital file is able to be stored within your phone system platform, which means that you don’t have to be worried about storage space or your own devices being slowed down.

The best call recording software will come with more than just the ability to store an audio file of your calls. We wanted to give some examples of how call recording capabilities can give you more, especially with the technology available in 2022.

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We wanted to break down some of the most important features that EVERY call recording system should have so that your team can make the most of these systems.

  1. Call recording: Obviously if you’re looking for a call recording system, you want to make sure it at least meets the minimum requirements for an effective system. We recommend that you look at the length of time that the call recordings will be stored, as some systems will only keep them stored in the cloud for a limited period of time.
  2. Recording transcriptions: Sometimes, audio recordings just aren’t convenient. That’s why you should look for a system that can provide your team with recording transcriptions. These will be automatically generated by your business phone service, and oftentimes stored in the same place as the call recordings. The best systems will make these transcriptions available with your voicemails as well.
  3. Stop, start, pause: Sometimes having your ENTIRE call recorded just isn’t necessary, or could lead to potential privacy issues. When your call recording software allows flexibility, it will give you access to the ability to stop, start, or pause recordings at will. This way you can make sure that you have all the information stored that you need, without making things more complicated.

How do Businesses Take Advantage of Call Recording?

Call recording software can be handy for a variety of use cases. We wanted to go into a few of the best ways that businesses can take advantage of these services and features. From training employees, to quality control, to having importance customer information on hand, there are many ways businesses can see benefits from recording services.

Training employees: New employees will be able to benefit from hearing your best practices in action. When you’re training your employees, give them access to a tangible training tool through call recordings. They will be able to see how your top employees handle tough questions, nurture leads, and more.

Quality control: For managers, it can also be helpful to be able to review your employees' work. When your teams’ work is mostly done through phone communication, it can sometimes be hard to review your teams’ work product. With call recordings, you’re able to give your team better feedback and ensure high quality phone communication:

Accessing customer information: One of the best ways to use call recordings is to keep track of important customer information. You can better handle a call in the moment knowing that all of your important information will be saved through your call recordings. Gone are the days of frantically taking notes while on an active call, instead you can rely on call recordings.

Collecting data: When you keep track of call recordings, especially when your system allows you to tag and categorize them, you can potentially uncover important patterns. This includes determining where your customers are consistently requiring additional support, as well as what your customers love.

What should teams be thinking about?

When implementing a call recording system, you’re really adopting a new phone solution. That’s why we wanted to give you a framework for your team to be thinking about when you’re searching for the best option for your team. We have simple three step process to take your team through, that we will be using to analyze some of the top providers for 2022.

  1. What call recording features are available? You want to make sure that your team is taking advantage of a robust business solution that will allow you to get the most out of the call recording capabilities. Look to see what is specifically offered in terms of call recording functionalities.
  2. Is the call recording software going to protect you and your customers? The best way to determine if your phone system is going to protect your sensitive information is to look for a solution that offers encryption capabilities, and has a GDPR compliant call recording system. While GDPR is an European Union standard, countries outside of the EU will look to it as an example of data protection.
  3. The big picture of a phone solution. Look to understand how the solution will work for your team as a whole, whether this is looking at pricing, support, or other considerations.

The Best Call Recording Systems of 2022

  1. Call recording features available is able to provide call recording features that include call recordings, transcripts, and the ability to start, stop, and pause the recording at will. The technology behind their intelligent call recording transcripts can also be found in their voicemail services, as they provide access to voicemail transcriptions as well.

  2. Protection for you and your customers is a GDPR compliant solution, meaning that they are in line with some of the most stringent technology laws when it comes to data protection. They also offer encryption for your calls, which is automatically deployed. That means that all of your data and information will be securely stored.

  3. Looking at the big picture’s big picture benefits include the support options, which allow you to get started in a worry free environment. They prioritize being easy to implement and always easy to use. You can take advantage of demo calls, trial periods, as well as their always available resources. is also affordable with two pricing plans available, the first at $25/month/user, and the second at $35/month/user.

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  1. Call recording features available

    Aircall is able to offer call recording software that allows for both inbound and outbound call recording. Their call recordings are accessible through their on-demand playback. If you are looking for transcripts, it appears that capability is only available through integrations into other software.

  2. Protection for you and your customers

    Aircall is a GDPR compliant solution, which as we’ve said means that Aircall complies with one of the strictest standards for data processing and protection. Aircall also offers call encryption capabilities, which can give you and your customers peace of mind.

  3. Looking at the big picture

    Aircall tends to be at the higher end of pricing options, so it makes sense to understand how Aircall fits into your business big picture in general. Aircall’s pricing starts at $30/user/month and goes up to $50/user/month. Be sure to check out how Aircall can grow with your business before you commit to their higher end pricing scheme.


  1. Call recording features available

    Dialpad is able to record customer calls, and offers stop, start, and pause functionalities as well. This can help you take control of your call recordings, as it allows you the flexibility to determine when you want information to be stored.

  2. Protection for you and your customers

    Dialpad offers secure business communication through their call encryption capabilities. Dialpad is also a GDPR compliant solution, which helps your team avoid liability especially if you are often communicating with EU citizens.

  3. Looking at the big picture

    Dialpad does seem to check a lot of the big picture boxes, as they are a omni-channel solution that can give your team access to unified communications. If your business phone system needs goes beyond phone and text communication, it may be worth looking into a platform that can offer video and online meeting channels. While Dialpad may not be the best solution for call monitoring alone, it could still meet your big picture needs.


  1. Call recording features available

    RingCentral offers two different call recording types, on demand and automatic. When you are configuring your RingCentral account, you can determine the best way for your business to handle call recording. RingCentral is also able to provide call recording transcriptions, which can be especially handy to compliment call recording capabilities.

  2. Protection for you and your customers

    RingCentral is a GDPR compliant solution, which adds that extra layer of protection for you and your customers. RingCentral is also able to provide data security through call encryption methods, which as we’ve stated helps you have additional security and peace of mind.

  3. Looking at the big picture

    With RingCentral, there are a couple factors that are taken into consideration before the final pricing is computed. The pricing depends on the range of employees using your system (1, 2-20, 21-50, 51-99, 100-999+), and then what features you want to have included. That means that the Essentials plan will cost a different amount for businesses of different sizes. This can make the system a little trickier if your business is planning on growing, downsizing, or just aren’t sure what your team is going to look like in the future. The inconsistent pricing can lead to issues in budgeting, but it may not be a big issue to some teams.

In the End…

The best call recording software will be built into a robust business phone solution. When you are looking for a call recording system, start by looking at the call recording features that your team will really benefit from. Then make sure that these systems will protect you and your customers. Finally, zoom out and take a look at the big picture and see if the solution makes sense from more than just a call recording perspective.

If you are looking to take advantage of a call recording system built into a robust cloud based phone solution, test out with a free trial today. You can reach our team through individualized demo calls that will make sure that all of your call recording, and business phone questions are addressed.

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