4 Reasons Small Companies Can Benefit from Call Recording Software

What Your SMB Can Learn from Call Centers

Olivia Maier

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Call centers are known for their ability to handle large volumes of inbound calls, while maintaining high-quality customer service. They are equipped with the technology and tools to help them do that, and are able to set an excellent example on handling customer interactions over the phone.

Beyond the technology and tools, call centers do have a couple of other advantages on their side. They have a team of employees that are specially trained in effective customer service, and who are able to dedicate their time to handling calls.

For teams without a dedicated call center, answering inbound calls is a joint team effort, with team members jumping in for the calls that are most relevant to their job function. That allows your callers to speak to the team member who is best suited to address their reason for calling. However, those team members are juggling multiple aspects of their job functions, and they may even see phone calls as an inconvenience.

That is why teams of all sizes including SMBs can look to call centers for best practices and tips on how to handle calls more effectively. This can help your callers feel more satisfied, and improve the inbound call experience for your team members as well.

What are the right tools?

We’ve mentioned technology and tools, and call centers certainly have a robust business phone system on their side to handle calls. Their business phone systems include call recording software, which is the tool that we will be focusing on.

Why call recording software?

Call recording software is simply able to record your calls as a digital audio file. That audio file can then be accessed and reviewed by your team, helping you always have an accurate record of previous calls.

Call recording software is available in business phone systems tailored for SMBs, such as Yodel. You won’t have to invest in call-center-specific software to follow this advice, or to see improvements in your business’ ability to handle incoming calls. These are effective tactics, found in cost-effective phone solutions. Yodel’s call recording software is always easy to use, meaning that you won’t have to specifically train your employees on an overly complicated system. Call recording software can provide massive benefits for your team through various applications, and it makes sense why the vast majority of call centers utilize this tool with every call.

Explore more features
  1. Increase your call training capabilities

    If phone communication isn’t a primary part of a team member’s job function, they may lack a background or foundation in business phone communication. Taking time away from their primary function for extensive training courses isn’t the best approach to quickly see improvements. With call recording software, your team can review their own performance and hear the call from a different perspective. Reviewing call recordings independently, or with a manager, can be a great way to have individualized feedback on performance.

  2. Never miss important information

    When your team members are on the phone, they are most likely giving your caller their undivided attention (and if they aren’t, they should be!). However, it could be tempting to take notes so that your team has access to relevant call information. Call centers will utilize call recording software to compile a database of previous calls. This database can be accessed in order to review important information, and ensure that all required actions have been taken. Call centers also know that freeing up your team members from the need to take notes in real-time can lead to more attentive and effective customer service.

  3. Track customer habits and accurately compile data

    Once that database of call recordings has been created, it makes sense that call centers would utilize it in as many ways as possible. With a running log of previous calls, your team can accurately track important information such as the reason for calling, common complaints, and repeated good feedback. Your business can take advantage of this incoming information to better tailor your services, without having to go through an extensive customer feedback process. Instead, simply take advantage of the feedback that is organically coming your way during your inbound calls.

  4. Securely protect your business

    When it comes to verbal agreements, having an accurate call recording for your records is crucial. You want to make sure that your call recording software is not only able to capture the information you need, but store it in a secure way. Yodel’s cloud-based system is able to offer a secure system that utilizes our GDPR compliant call recording feature. This helps protect your business and your caller’s valuable information.

In the end…

Call recording software can be leveraged to better equip your business when it comes to phone communication. Take advantage of a business phone solution that gives you access to tools that call centers rely on, so that you can effectively see similar benefits. If you are looking for a new business phone system that offers secure and effective call recording, look no further than Yodel. You can get started today with a free 14-day trial.

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