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Want to Improve Your App’s Performance?

Improve your App’s performance by 1. letting browsers do their stuff on their own (i.e. session management), 2. implement fast fake loading indicators!

Mario Uher

· 2 min read


After our amazing Product Hunt day, we took a step back and brainstormed about how to improve our call UI for Yodel. We know from testing but also from customer feedback that we had to improve loading times. After a few calls and discussions, we realized that sometimes it is best to trust browsers more. You know, browsers are really good at doing ‘browsery’ stuff. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. For us, that meant removing the custom session management we built and just use the built-in-your-browser solution. The result? — A 100% performance increase by axing one unnecessary round-trip to the server. And you really feel the difference!

However, even if Yodel feels like magic, it is still a web-based App running in your browser. We have to make at least one request. ;) But we were able to improve here too!


Just look at these images. Do you know this feeling? When your iPhone switches from Tesla-powered super speed LTE back to stone E̶D̶G̶E̶ age? Even if you do not notice any changes, the whole iPhone seems to slow down.

And you may ask yourself where the f*ck you just ended up.

This — only psychological — effect is the reason we added a new and shiny loading indicator. Even when it is completely fake. It makes Yodel loading a quadrillion times faster — at least in your brain!

Which one loads faster?
Which one loads faster?

So, our tip for you: Improve where possible, fake the rest! And btw, check out Yodel!

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