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How Yodel helps your business!
Silke English

Silke English

3 min read

Yodel is a one of a kind software that helps businesses have greater flexibility with their phone calls. Through personalization, the Yodel voice bot can solve a variety of problems that a business might face. All cordless, accessible from any location and no extra software has to be installed. Let us tell you some use cases in which Yodel excels.

Yodel for Agencies

An agency’s workload is fast-paced and needs to be coordinated for optimal outcomes. Working on different projects and taking calls from customers and partner companies can be overwhelming. Especially, when you have to take every call, not knowing who might be on the other end. Neither is known if a call has a higher priority than others. Yodel in conjunction with Slack helps agencies to tackle this issue. The voice bot informs who is calling and through the “ask for reason”-feature also asks the caller beforehand why they are calling. This will be transcribed directly into your Slack channels. When a customer drops keywords like “support” or “sales”, the call is redirected to the right team or personal channel. This is how Yodel can display immediately if the call has a higher priority due to what was said.

Yodel for Support

Yodel is specifically designed for giving callers quality assistance until an agent is taking over the call. It seamlessly transitions from the Yodel assistant to a qualified person to talk to. Through Slack, it is visible at any point in time who is calling as well as the callers motive of the call. This helps to create a better system of response. The person with the expertise can answer the call and the customer’s issue can be solved in no time and more efficiently, without having the caller go through multiple employees.

Yodel for Customer Happiness

No one likes to listen to menus that tell you what button you should press to get routed to the right person. Nor does anyone like to wait for someone to answer the phone neither be on hold for a long time. With Yodel every call gets answered instantly, in a personalized way that can be set up to fit any business' needs right to the mark! Every call is taken care of quicker and routed through Yodel, which is based on keyword matching. If there is assistance needed from a third party — through one click, the call is shared with the desired person. Customers love the attention they receive from the business customer service through Yodel.

Yodel to Acquire New Clients

First-time caller? This is the one that really needs attention right away. Never miss a first-time caller and let a potential client get lost on hold. Yodel shows through its new and improved voice transcription in real-time what the caller says when asked for the reason of their call. Even if the call is missed, Yodel displays what was said in Slack. A way more personalized call back can be given, since most people do not leave voicemails when having a quick question about a product.

Yodel for answering FAQ’s

Help people with answering questions autonomously with Yodel’s “Q’n’A-maker”-feature. Enter a Microsoft knowledge base ID and let Yodel do the “dirty” work. Callers will be happy to receive an immediate answer to their questions. If the knowledge base does not cut it, the caller has still the option to be transferred to an employee.

If you would like to let us know how Yodel improved your productivity at work, use the comment section below!

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