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Case Study: MoneyPenny, LLC

How this global team is able to stay connected while prioritizing security
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

A global team comes with its own unique set of benefits and challenges. No one would know that better than Penny Breslin, the CEO of MoneyPenny, LLC. We recently got the chance to speak to Penny about MoneyPenny, and how Yodel is able to enable her team to provide high quality service centered around security.

About MoneyPenny

MoneyPenny provides outsourcing accounting services through a team that is distributed across the United States and India. MoneyPenny’s team is able to enable CPAs, accountants, and bookkeeping firms to be more efficient, helping them save time and money which can be passed on to their own clients. MoneyPenny’s highly skilled accounting staff is based in India and works with clients all over the world. They are prime examples of a truly modern business, as they are a global and flexible working team. Between the office in India, US employees working from home, and clients all over the globe, finding a way to stay centralized and connected was crucial. That’s where Slack comes in.

Prioritizing Privacy, and Ensuring Client Security

The accounting services industry is full of handling sensitive client information, clients who are placing a lot of trust in the teams who have access to that information. MoneyPenny doesn’t take this responsibility lightly, and their process has a couple key privacy and security measures.

One of those measures being MFA codes. MFA, multi factor authentication, codes provide an extra layer of security for MoneyPenny’s clients. Typically those codes are sent to a mobile device, but when it comes to protecting client information sending codes to a personal device just doesn’t provide the same level of security. For a remote team it also would cause various silos, as there would be no recorded history of when codes were requested and by who.

Giving clients this level of protection is made more challenging by the global nature of MoneyPenny, LLC. But they are able to leverage Yodel’s texting capabilities to create an effective solution.

With Yodel, MoneyPenny is able to have MFA codes sent as texts to their business phone number. The entire team uses Slack to centralize their communication, and through Yodel’s Slack integration they are easily able to access MFA codes in the secure channel. This also effectively creates a trackable and searchable log of the use and request of MFA codes.

Centralizing Communication via Slack

As previously mentioned, MoneyPenny lives in Slack. Slack has been an important resource for their team, helping to keep all employees connected even across continents.

In fact, the Slack integration is something that they pitch to new and existing clients. Penny goes as far as to say that “the integration between the two just made me do a happy dance.”

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Penny’s Final Thoughts on Yodel & MoneyPenny, LLC

Penny has been able to leverage Yodel to help protect important client information. She also has been able to address some of the challenges that come with a global remote team.

“[I] discovered after one too many times being woken up by my team in India needing a two factor authentication code. By calls coming into my mobile phone that I didn’t have time to handle, and that I wanted to have a history on.”

Not only is MoneyPenny able to find a solution to continuing their use of MFAs in a sustainable way, Penny has also been able to address those challenges with Yodel. Using Yodel can help employees at all levels improve their work-life balance, and streamline their workflows.

In the end…

We loved our time talking with Penny, and hearing about her use of Yodel at MoneyPenny. MoneyPenny, LLC is amongst thousands of teams who rely on Yodel for their business phone communications, and we love being able to connect with them to hear about their experiences.

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