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Case Study: EHM Washington

We recently spoke with Joshua Haarbrink, a Management Consultant for EHM Washington, to learn more about what helps EHM Washington be as successful as they are.
Olivia Maier

Olivia Maier

3 min read

Background on EHM Washington

Electronic Home Monitoring Washington State has helped to advance the way that house arrest functions. When their modern technology is granted to a defendant in a criminal defense proceeding, they provide both location and alcohol monitoring to the defendants according to the court orders.

EHM Washington works to provide their valuable technology across most courts in Washington State and provide EHM nationwide through their network of service providers. EHM Washington is able to provide affordable systems while exceeding the requirements of All Courts.

A recipe for success

One of the main points that Haarbrink emphasized was the importance of streamlining as many processes as possible. This can help a business increase efficiency, by decreasing wasted time and confusion.

In order to reach that peak efficiency level, Haarbrink decided to take advantage of technologies that hadn’t been utilized by them before.

On using Slack

“We wanted to resolve the internal communications for the company, among team members and note-taking for the client files. So we turned to Slack for that as far as all the internal communications and taking notes and creating channels for different clients were concerned.”

But, as much as Slack helped to streamline internal communications, Haarbrink knew it could be combined with other processes to take it even one step further.

“We’re managing many clients, managing many files, and we have to jump between them. The fewer places you have to go to do specific functions the better, especially small quick ones.”

EHM Washington already had a system in place for SMS communications, which is one of the requirements of their monitoring program. The written history of communications is important because it could be needed by the courts. Using Slack, EHM Washington saw the opportunity to continue to streamline its processes.

“One of our goals is to try to minimize the number of places we have to go to take place of any particular part of the operations, so trying to find the smoothing integrations and eliminating having to go through other apps or other software is kind of our ongoing goal here trying to streamline and minimize the windows that everyone has to go into.”

This is why EHM Washington turned to adding Slack apps to help with their processes. One of the ones that they added in was

With, EHM Washington could continue to provide the SMS messaging that is crucial to their business, all from within Slack. That helped Slack go from a helpful internal communication tool to being able to help multiple areas of the business as all communication with their clients is properly accessible in dedicated channels for each client. This helps EHM Washington easily see a history of all communications with each specific client, which can be converted into various deliverables. has also helped EHM Washington with handling their potential prospective clients. When someone calls their business line, the organization knows exactly who is calling and why they are calling, as Yodel screens the call information and shows it directly in Slack. This way, as helps EHM Washington identify a potential new client, they quickly know exactly who to connect them with.

EHM Washington was able to see the benefits of making a change in their technology, and the ways its been able to pay off.

Integrating new technology into any business is a smart way to keep you a step ahead of your competition. But, as Haarbrink has shown us, keeping all of your systems working and integrating together can help take it one step further.

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