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With Yodel you can trust that your business phone system is the solution you have been looking for, instead of creating another unnecessary and complicated problem. See why thousands of teams trust Yodel over CloudTalk.

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Discover Why Yodel is the Best CloudTalk Alternative for your Business

Yodel is the hassle-free cloud-based business phone system that gives you access to features your team will love, without creating a more complicated workflow.

Straightforward pricing plans with no hidden costs

Pricing has never been easier to understand with two options to choose from. Both our Premium and our Premium Plus plans come with features that other systems aren’t able to offer their customers. With a 14 day free trial to get started, and the ability to cancel your plan at any time, you never have to feel locked in or constrained by your VoIP system.

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Set up your Yodel account in just 5 minutes

Overly complicated onboarding processes lead to overly complicated phone systems. Yodel has been designed to be easier to implement and easier to use than our competitors, helping you see the benefits of a cloud phone right from the start. Avoid unnecessary learning curves and get started Yodeling today!

Smart automation features

Auto attendants are great for businesses of all sizes who are looking to add the benefits of a receptionist without increasing their team size. Yodel’s smart automation features help your team deliver higher quality phone communications by automating portions of the call experience such as finding out caller intent, intelligent routing, and more.

Excellent customer support since day one

We pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers excel. With live chat support, continuous options for onboarding and training calls, and a responsive customer service team we make sure that your team is set up to succeed with Yodel.

Customer Service Automation

Endless choices of phone numbers with international coverage

Wherever your business is located, Yodel has you covered. By working with trusted local carriers we can deliver high-speed coverage around the globe. We also offer international phone numbers, number porting, and toll-free numbers.

Last but not least

Your customizable all-digital business phone system: Why invest in a system if it can’t do it all? From text messaging capabilities to integrating into the tools your team loves, Yodel is the full-service, user-friendly solution that you have been looking for.

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Our Unique Features

Give your team access to next-generation features that aren’t available with other cloud-based phone systems such as CloudTalk.

  • Integrations:

    Yodel is the premier cloud phone solution for teams who live in Slack, love their CRM tools, or want to connect with their SaaS business tools.

  • Easy Start and Stop Call Recording:

    Call recording can help your team deliver higher quality customer service, but your team won’t see the full benefits without the ability to start, pause, or stop call recording at will. Yodel gives you the option to choose which information is recorded, and which isn’t.

  • Mobile and Tablet Apps:

    Access your virtual phone system from any device that connects to the internet, giving you a truly flexible solution. Our mobile and tablet apps can be used on their own, or in addition to hardware phones or computer devices.

  • Call Button on Website:

    Make it easier than ever for your customers to give you a call by adding a call button to your website.

  • Contact Synchronization:

    All users will be able to add to one shared address book that can be synced with existing tools, which helps prevent confusion and information silos amongst your team members.

  • Canned Responses:

    Can’t answer an incoming call? That’s no problem, as you can choose from customizable canned responses that will be sent to your incoming callers as an audio note. Send valuable information such as expected wait time, when they can expect a returned call, or more. With this customizable feature, the options are endless for how you can deliver a higher quality customer experience.

    Yodel Canned Responses

Explore more features

Integrate Yodel with Your Existing Tools

Get more out of your business phone system with smart integrations designed to streamline your existing workflows.

  • Slack: If your team lives in Slack, you will love adding your phone communication to one centralized location.
  • Discord: Easily integrate Yodel into Discord, allowing your team to communicate and stay connected in one place.
  • Zendesk: View phone calls within Zendesk, and easily load relevant tickets onto your agent’s screen.
  • Drift: Integrating your phone system with Drift lets you start voice calls directly in the Drift chat, without needing a phone number.
  • Zapier: Connect Yodel to over 1000 different apps that you may already be using by integrating into Zapier.
  • Integromat: Automate your workflow even further by connecting your business cloud phone service with Integromat.
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“I can do a phone call, similar to talking to someone in person and it is clear and our clients can hear us. Another feature that I love about Yodel is how easy it is to block solicitation. Portability of the system from the desktop to the mobile phone through Slack is great as well. Taking the best of communication with Slack and giving it a phone integration. Yodel is basically communication of the future if you ask me.”

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