Yodel.io is a leader in VoIP on G2

The phone system for customer service teams.

Yodel joins your team as a receptionistthat pre-qualifies inbound voice communicationsand allows call management without switching tools. Collaborate on calls and enjoy the crystal clear voice quality through our battle-tested infrastructure.

Collaborate on phone calls with your team in Slack!

Yodel is the phone system that lives in Slack. Make and receive calls, see who is on an active call and join conference calls. Talk to your customers and partners on the phone within the convenience of Slack.

Close more leads in Drift - with Yodel.io!

Are you talking with a high quality prospect who wants to learn more about your product? Or to a website visitor needs urgent help that is better resolved over the phone? Use Yodel inside of Drift to start a live call in your browser - no phone numbers needed!

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The #1 phone system for your team

Easy Configuration

Get your phone system up and running in minutes. No complicated adoption from your previous business phone.

Connect to your SaaS tools

Yodel integrates with over 1000 software tools so you can connect the phone with your existing workflows.

Local phone numbers in 100+ countries

Stay close to your customers no matter where they are by using Yodel’s access to phone numbers in over 100 countries.

Unbeatable Call Quality

Yodel works with trusted local carriers to guarantee the best possible call quality. We deliver a reliant service uptime and a secure call infrastructure.

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Yodel.io is a leader in Small-Business VoIP on G2


"As a team, we are able to report how many phone calls each concierge member makes per day, who they are calling — is it a vendor or an experience call to a client — that is the main reason why we use Yodel."

Ceilidh McElroy
Experience Coordinator

Yodel.io is a leader in Small-Business VoIP on G2

AfterOurs Urgent Care

"I would say Yodel is a mixture of functionality, transparency, and ease of use. It collectively saves our company much more time and money than other solutions did. It’s a more cost-effective solution because it’s more aligned with how we operate. We have been around the block. We had Jive and most recently had Ringcentral before switching to Yodel."

Dan McDermott
Executive Director of Information Systems
and Revenue Management

Yodel.io is a leader in Small-Business VoIP on G2

Sorted Stay

"The implementation of Yodel was very simple. The training of the employees took around 10 minutes and there was hardly any follow-up training needed. We love the way how you can see EXACTLY what the caller is phoning about before they even get through to us, so allows us to personalize the call majorly."

Matthew Ward

Yodel.io is a leader in Small-Business VoIP on G2


"I can do a phone call, similar to talking to someone in person and it is clear and our clients can hear us. Another feature that I love about Yodel is how easy it is to block solicitation. Portability of the system from the desktop to the mobile phone through Slack is great as well. Taking the best of communication with Slack and giving it a phone integration. Yodel is basically communication of the future if you ask me."

Darren Eiswirth

The future of voice for customer service teams

Modern customer service teams need to deliver high quality support and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Yodel removes everything that’s painful about phone systems and deliver what matters: the voice communication.

Voice finally lives fully integrated in other tools.

Yodel joins your team as a receptionist that pre-qualifies inbound voice communications and allows call management without switching tools.

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Amazing and unique features

Collaborate on Calls

Yodel is built for teams so everyone has always the necessary information on what is going on.

Call Screening

Yodel answers your calls and transcribes the caller’s intent so you always know who is calling and why they are calling.

Simplicity Rules

Every functionality is built to make your lives easier. No clunky phone system - but simple to use and fast to adopt!

Yodel was built by a team with over 20 years of experience in voice technologies. Using smart tools to support you in your everyday life are the future of work. We want to give small companies the same access to these technologies as big companies do.

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