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Start answering calls today!

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Yodel answers your calls

Use speech recognition to ask for the topic of the call.

Browser and mobile

Talk directly via the web browser interface or get the call on your mobile.

Share and collaborate

Invite others to the call or share it via the Yodel link with everybody out there.

Call quality and support

Yodel uses global voice platforms that provide a first class experience.

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    Interactive bot

    Yodel is a bot. Not only can she answer your calls automatically but also route it to your favourite SaaS tools.

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    Yodel talks to your callers

    Ask your callers why they are calling and show this information in your business chat.

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    Slack, MS Teams, HipChat, and more

    Yodel tightly integrates in your business chat solution. Manage your calls collaboratively from your channels.

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    Browser compatibility

    Yodel works in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and mobile web browsers.

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    Call forwarding

    Forward calls to your cell phone or any other number you like.

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    iOS app and Android

    Take your calls directly on your mobile.

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    Custom greetings

    Greet your callers with a custom text that Yodel reads or an uploaded audio file.

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    Music on hold

    Upload any audio file or choose from the Yodel library to play music on hold to your callers.

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    Announcement only

    Don’t want to receive calls? Activate announcement only and be undisturbed!

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    Callers can leave a voicemail for you that Yodel posts in Slack.

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    Share calls

    Every call gets an URL. Share it like a GIF file with somebody on the Internet.

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    Voice IVR

    Never again ask for ‘Press 1 for sales’. Start using natural speech!

Yodel's bot empowers us to provide instant customer service via phone.
Finally we can unify all our customer communication in Slack.
Answering and making calls was never so easy.

Allan Berger | Founder & COO, Blossom

Our team lives in Slack.
Taking calls from our international business phone numbers
directly in Slack is what we were looking for!

Mario Siokola | Head of Products, Mikme